Wine countries

From France, Italy, Spain to USA, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Lebanon!

Harvest festivals of the Northern 

The harvest festival of the Northern Hemisphere is planned for the first weekend of October – Friday 2nd till Sunday 4th. This year, we have got even more diversity in countries and grape varieties and you will discover the beauty of the wine world of the northern hemisphere.

France 🇫🇷

World’s most famous wine country of the world, by far! After tasting everything in the world, we always come back to this beautiful wine country. Just think of alle regions with their diverse styles and grape varieties. From Champagne to Bordeaux and from Loire to Bourgogne. We just can’t get enough! 

Austria 🇦🇹

This beautiful wine country offers the most special terroirs and grape varieties. So much diversity and very purified wines. Austria’s wines are among the best of the world, which can be confirmed by all the prizes they won in international competitions.

The Netherlands 🇳🇱

Ever drank a Dutch wine? Dutch wines are in a huge advance. Last year, the Netherlands counted 170 vineyards. Quality at its best! You won’t see any of these grape varieties elsewhere in the world, which makes them really typical for the viticulture.

Georgia 🇬🇪

Worlds’ oldest wine country! Most of you don’t know this, but this unique wine culture has existed since 4.000 BC. Their special way of bottling in jars is unique. We managed to get our hands on the best wines they offer, so don’t miss out on tasting them!

Azerbijan 🇦🇿


One of the worlds’ oldest wine countries. The basis of the wine growing, together with Georgia. These countries do have other styles with lots of grape varieties you’ve never heard of. A must-taste for every wine lover!

Slovenia 🇸🇮

A relatively unknown, but beautiful country with lots to offer – also in the wine field! Surprising grape varieties like Furmint and Malvasia are the basis of Slovenia’s DNA. In addition to native grape varieties, the well-known also thrive very well on the lands of Slovenia. Ever heard of Orange wine?

Romania 🇷🇴

Southern Europe’s biggest wine country – only a few will know this. Only after the fall of the communism, quality became superior to quantity, but fortunately that has changed for quite some time. We have selected some fine wineries for a good price, so we can discover Romania!

Hungary 🇭🇺

Hungary is one of those wine countries we know too little about, unfortunately. But whenever you say Tokaj, seasoned wine lovers get really excited. One of worlds’ best sweet wines, which you really need to drink at least once in your life. They also have the world famous Bull’s Blood in Hungary.

Italy 🇮🇹

La dolce vita. The sweet life… Nothing more important for an Italian rather than food and wine – so many sorts of wine. The most fantastic wines that you can only find in Italy.

Spain 🇪🇸

España por favor! Good wine comes with the tranquil lifestyle. Whether you’re drinking Albarino with oysters or a good glass Rioja Reserva while eating Jamon Iberico: life is good! Spain is known for the most hectares of wine growing. Nevertheless, Italy and France produce more wine, meaning Spain wines are more concentrated. Come and taste for yourself!

USA 🇺🇸

The best wines come from the warm California, also known as the ‘Golden State’. 90% of the wine production comes from this area. Nevertheless, the cooler Northwest and Northeast can produce delicious Zinfandel. Expect ripe fruit flavors!

Germany 🇩🇪

This traditional wine country is marked by its ‘own’ grape varieties, such as the well-known Riesling, Spätenburgunder (pinot noir) and Weisburgunder (pinot blanc). Germany has so much more to offer and with so many ‘terroirs’, you just can’t get enough. Come discover Germany from October 2nd till 4th.

Lebanon 🇱🇧


Talk about wine and Lebanon won’t be the first country to cross your mind. But Lebanon is booming! It’s debatable whether we can see Lebanon as a part of the New or Old (or even the Oldest) Worlds. After all, Lebanon’s history in the wine field goes back thousands of years. Also known as the ‘wine-pearl’ of the Middle East. We have gotten our hands on a very special winery.

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