5000m2 of wine experience

De Westergas

The imperial continental gas association (ICGA) built two coal gas factories in Amsterdam at the end of  the 19th century: the “Ooster Gasfabriek” and the “Wester Gasfariek”. The latter was completed in 1885 and was strategically located between water, rails and access roads. The gas was initially used for city lighting.


The Amsterdam Gashouder was built in 1902 and was the largest gas holder in Europe at the time. The gas was stored on top of the Gashouder, in a steel tank that could be extended tot a height of forty meters. The Amsterdam Gashouder has now grown into the most iconic building in the Westerpark. The pillar-less circular interior and cast iron ceiling construction are unique. With no less than 2538 m2 of space, the world-famous Amsterdam Gashouder is home to the Amsterdam Wine Festival.


In 1904, a watergas factory was based here, which was later used as a transformer workshop of the Amsterdam energy company. Thus the name ‘Transformatorhuis’. The narrow, high-placed windows and wooden roof construction make the Transformatorhuis look very intimate. The Transformatorhuis has a surface of 700 m2 and a height of 9.7 meters. During this edition, the Transformatorhuis will be transformed into French wine halls!


The Leidinghuis is hidden between two semi-round extensions of the Gashouder. Designer Piet Hein Eek transformed this special space with its original details from the factory time into a quirky apartment, equipped with every comfort. We have reserved this place especially for exclusive workshops for our visitors.


The Klönneplein is located between the Gashouder and the Transformatorhuis. At the Klönneplein, you will find the food court filled with delicious dishes from the wine countries.

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