Frequently Asked Questions

Question & answer.

I haven’t received my ticket, what should I do?

It is possible that you don’t receive your ticket. In order to find your ticket, you should go to Paylogic. Here, you will find your ticket and download it immediately!

Can I swap my ticket?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to swap a ticket.

Are lockers available on site?

Yes, we have lockers available to store your stuff safely!

Can I enter in a wheelchair?

Yes, it is possible to enter with a wheelchair.

Do you serve non-alcoholic wine?

Yes, non-alcoholic wines are present

Where can I park my car?

It is best to park at Q-Park at the Haarlemmerweg (Van Bleiswijkstraat 8, 1051 DG Amsterdam)

Where can I request a PressKit?

Are you a vlogger, blogger or influencer and want to publish something for us? Great to hear you want and can help us! For a PressKit and questions, please send an email to

Where can I buy a tasting ticket?

A tasting ticket is no entry ticket and needs to be purchased separately via the ticketshop on our website.

Can I leave the festival and return?

Yes, you will receive a wristband at arrival, so you can re-enter the festival when you’ve left.

Are kids welcome?

Of course, we have thought of kids entertainment! Children up to 12 years old get free entrance under the guidance of an adult.

What payment methods are available?

Pay attention: PIN ONLY! It is not possible to pay with cash!

Are dogs allowed?

Dogs are only allowed in the square outside.