Enjoy wine in a responsible way

A sustainable festival

Amsterdam Wine Festival stands for positive sustainable and responsible wine enjoyment. We do everything we can to accomplish that, because it makes your glass of wine tastes even better.


During Amsterdam Wine Festival, we exclusively work with glassware. Every visitor will receive a glass when entering the festival, from which he/she can consume all sorts of wine during the event. At multiple wine bars, we offer water in bottles made of glass.

Close to the source 

We only collaborate with farmers who love their country. It is known where all wines come from and how they came about. More and more, you will find organic- and natural wines at our festival!

Waste seperation

Naturally, we will make sure all the glass, paper and residual waste will be separated. This allows lots of materials to get recycled.


No. More. Waste. All our food truck products will be served on a biodegradable disposable made of sustainable raw materials. That should be eating a whole lot better!

Food line-up

The diversity in our food line-up at the festival fits perfectly by all the different wine countries and is perfect voor wine-food paring. We provide a nice balance in which vegan and vegetarian food are a paramount importance.

Help and take the bike

55% of the visitors of the Amsterdam Wine Festival come by bike and 20% by public transport.

Fixed electricity only

Electricity is an important part of a festival. We only use fixed electricity; you won’t find any diesel generators at our festival.

Suggestions, ideas or additions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to hear how we can improve our festival!


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